Winsome Group has a team of private equity and venture capital investment specialists, who have been working together since 2010 to invest in companies with high growth potentials in Asia (with a focus in China). The team is being led by strong and ambitious investment experts.

We target market leaders that are well positioned for further expansion in various industries, with a focus on opportunities driven by China’s growing consumer spending, modernization of high-end manufacturing and needs for a cleaner environment.

Our managing partners have in-depth knowledge in education, entertainment and lifestyle, health care, precision manufacturing, renewable energy, new materials, environmental, real estate and e-commerce. Each member of the team brings skills necessary for us to execute Winsome Group’s investment strategies in Greater China.

Winsome PE Fund

Leveraging on the surge in China’s economic growth, as well as the strong needs for high quality entertainment and lifestyles, Winsome PE Fund is committed to invest in entertainment and lifestyle industries, as well as real estate in overseas countries. In particular, Winsome PE Fund has recently co-financed in a number of Hollywood movies together with U.S based global production houses, and is named as a co-producer.

Winsome VC Fund

Launched by Winsome Group, Winsome VC Fund is a venture capital fund, which is committed to invest in the early stage of high-tech companies with a focus on the Greater-China regions.